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2020 Is Here!

Photo by Four-Eyed Media, LLC

The new year is finally here! What that means for F.E.M. is more goals, more business relationships and more awesome-ness. This means that I will move with purpose and I will develop F.E.M to become something that I am proud of.

Every day I am making lists and thinking of ideas, but with the new year, those lists will start to become tangible things. Four-Eyed Media, will become the imprint that I wish I had started with instead of the shotty publishing house I began with. F.E.M is lessons learned. My business practices will be how I want to be treated in business.

Is there something you want to accomplish in the new year? Can F.E.M. support you? Happy New Year all, I know that I will be better than I was yesterday.

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Building Connections

Photo by Ann H from Pexels

As the year is ending, I have been thinking a lot about F.E.M and the direction I am going or want to go. I feel that everything is falling in place and since I am solo at this time, I am not dragging anyone down with the inconsistencies. Once everything is in place or closer to that place then I will start building more connections.

Connections are important for me because I learn from other people and it ways those connections become my mentors. I see what others can do and I know that I can do it too. I see successes and it makes me want success too. I’ve never been one to just be happy with where I’m at, I always want more. Of course, my budget and schedule and family life have other plans, but I still strive for more.

Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for where I’m at and I am only moving forward, but I see more for my future and for those around me. That is why it is so important for me to build those genuine connections so I can offer the best services and to really find the voice of my client and to hone in on that voice. Everyone is so unique and special it’s easy to do.

How important are connections to you and your life or business? I dislike the saying, “It’s not personal, it’s business.” That couldn’t be farther from the truth. I understand the sentiment for larger companies, or corporations, but it is personal. Even my 9 to 5 job is personal, that is where I am able to support my family, build working relationships and learn processes and leadership skills. F.E.M is personal all the way around, a startup surrounding the unique individual-ness of people! I would say that is very personal, wouldn’t you?

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NaNoWriMo 2019-Publish with F.E.M

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National Novel Writing Month is in full swing, starting on Nov. 1, 2019 writers everywhere began their journey to completing 50,000 words. This is a special time for those who put in the time to set goals and reach goals.

I am a wannabe NaNoWriMo writer, but this year will be different. I have a lot riding on the success of this round of the competition. Not only will this year help set me on a path of a more consistent writing routine, but it will feel good to finish something in the time-frame I set for myself.

What I would like to offer for one lucky winner of NaNoWriMo is a chance to publish with Four-Eyed Media. I have a few projects I am personally adding to the new brand, and the whole “NEW” imprint can be scary to work with, but what I can promise is effort. I will put the effort in to marketing your book, I will help format it, I will publish it all for YOU. If it doesn’t work out, then you can take over where I left off, no harm no foul.

That is what is so special about F.E.M I want it to be an open-book imprint. I want to give the author what they need to share their voice. Of course, we will have contracts that will bind us to business, but if you tell me this isn’t the direction you want to go, then you will be released from anything that you feel is binding.

The awesome thing about this deal is that the one lucky winner for NaNoWriMo will be my first client as of right now. You will be my featured author, my featured partner, and I am so excited for this opportunity.

Any questions? Leave a comment, email me, I am easy to get a hold of! Good luck writers.

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The Beginning

I decided during my master-degree studies to pursue a digital internship to gain experience in publishing and writing. At this point, I had pursued journalism and journalistic-style writing. My program was in Creative Writing and English. I found an independent publishing house and I reached out. I got the internship.

I started helping with marketing for an author and did a few projects on the side. I had an almost completed (rough draft) manuscript from my program and decided to submit it to this publishing house.

They accepted it! I was elated. I cried. I was so happy to start this journey and was surprised how easy it was. Little did I know this was the start of a very confusing and devastating time in my publishing career.

It started out as missed deadlines on their part, no communication, editor after editor, and an all together tough time. I stuck it out. My book needed to be published. Finally it was available, after almost a year of not getting it out when I was told it would be published. I was happy for a time.

Then the non-communication started over. The website was taken down multiple times. I started stalking anyone I could that was related to this publishing house just to get an answer. Nothing. Then I would get a hold of someone and be appeased for a while. Then the cycle started.

I was fed up. I threatened and fought and finally was given the rights back to my book and was able to publish under my own imprint. Hence, F.E.M. I wanted to feel like my voice mattered, like my words were important. That is why I created this imprint to help those like me to get published. I want to help people who have a voice feel important. I want writers to have 100% access to their writing, stats, money and me!

This imprint in a work in progress but I have control now and that feels great. Do you have a horror story from publishing?