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A New Voice

Hey everyone!


I’m Mallory Hicks, a 22-year-old resident of Indianapolis. I recently joined the Four-Eyed Media team! I come from a mixed background of social media, event planning, marketing, and teaching. When I found Four-Eyed Media, I knew it was a movement I needed to be a part of. I know the world is moving fast right now and every day seems like a new challenge, but we all have to keep moving in a positive direction. As a modern, progressive woman, I knew that Four-Eyed Media had a great future ahead with helping modern, progressive women grow professionally and personally!


I’m here to be a new voice to help Lindsey move this wonderful company forward but to also help YOU move forward. I am here to help every reader in any way possible. I’m also SO excited to see what the future holds for Four-Eyed Media and I can’t wait to take this journey with all of you.  We are in this together ladies!




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Coffee and Editing-Four-Eyed Media, LLC

When I think of building a business brand, I think of how important partnerships are. I think of how building those relationships with people is what makes a company personable and relatable. That is why I decided to offer free advertising on my website. Even if the business isn’t related to what F.E.M is offering, I believe running a business is hard enough already without worrying about advertising. Advertising is the least I can do for another business.

Partnerships within the small-business community is important because we can lift each other up. Especially during the COVID-19 when a lot of small businesses aren’t thriving as they should. There should be some sort of comraderie between business owners, to me this is my due diligence. I am here for you, business owner. I want you to thrive. I want to help however I can. I want to build a partnership.

If you are interested in placing a site-friendly ad on my site, send me the image at foureyedmedia at gmail dot com.

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Risky Business

During these trying times we are all facing, it almost seems selfish to share what F.E.M is offering. I want to be open to the pandemic, but I also want to push people to want to create. How can I offer that to people when morale is so low with the human race? How can I tell creators I want to lift them up through this trying time and share their voice, their work and what they are contributing to the world?

It seems like risky business to promote your business at this time with so many losing their jobs and money being a hot topic through the COVID-19 pandemic. It seems insensitive; almost. But the answer is simple, you just do it! Give people the opportunity to know you and what your company offers and let them decide if you are ruthless or encouraging, and hope for the latter!

Just follow through with an open heart and an open mind that not everyone is okay and even if you offer something amazing, others might not be on board right now. Just encourage the best you can and stay as positive as you can. I create, so I want others to create. There are so many wonderful voices out there that need to be shared, why would I ever stop trying to do that?

Stay healthy and safe and know that my services are still available through this crisis.

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Keeping Business and Author Brands Separate-An Executive Decision.

When I first decided to start F.E.M I was going to merge everything I was doing into one business, but now that I am working out some of the kinks I am finding that my imprint and author brand are different and should stay separate.

Of course, my imprint will be what I use when I publish, but what I am doing under the F.E.M umbrella is a little different than what I am doing with my author brand. They both go hand-in-hand, and I am okay if people link the two, but I am not sure how to make them fit into one project.

I am learning so much as I go about how I want to shape my business and my author brand, I am learning about what kind of writer I want to be and also what kind of business woman I want to be. I know this is going to take time, but I will do what I can to get things rolling in the right direction for me.

Do you wear many hats? Can all of the projects you have going on fit under one main project? Do you think it’s better to keep these brands separate or should they be one brand?

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Growing Organically

Photo by Connor Danylenko from Pexels

It may not be “business-norm” to attempt letting your business grow organically, but with my goals and budget it’s the best way to do it. I work a full-time job, with two small kids, a wife and a household (among the million other things going on), and I have personal and professional goals that I refuse to give up on.

With limited time and budget, I’ve decided to let F.E.M grow organically. I’ve started a few social media accounts and here I am blogging on a website that I hope to purchase the domain for at some point, but I haven’t really added anyone to those sites, I am letting everyone come to me. I am marketing on a budget and using what I’ve done in my author life to piggyback on.

I am utilizing my free 30-day trials, my free apps, and what I’m already doing to market myself as an author. After the holidays I will most likely start adding money to those endeavors, but till then I have plenty to do. I have contracts to create, a business plan to tweak, books to write and edit and relationships to build. I have resources to find for potentials partners and books to read so I don’t make too many mistakes.

Growing organically can be harrowing, but it is working so far and I like that. It is letting me get my footing on this imprint and what I want to offer and how I want to offer it. I want to have an imprint that gives my partners full access to their journey, but also, helps my business grow. I know the paradigm for this is out there, and I will figure out how it works for F.E.M. and that is also another benefit of growing slowly and organically.

F.E.M will get there and if nothing else I will back my own work, what I do know is I won’t give up!