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Voice Defined

Photo by Soonios Pro from Pexels

I use the word VOICE often, it’s a part of my business plan. It is the thing that is most important to me as an author, woman, mother, wife, business owner ETC. If I don’t have a voice, I am not sure what that means! However, I want to define this for you, my readers, potential business partners, or fellow artists. When I use the word VOICE, I mean your creations.

Whether you write, draw, paint, edit, read or whatever. The outcome is always your voice. Your VOICE is who you are as a creator. It’s what you put out into the world for people to recognize who you are. It is what you are when you speak or create. Your voice is everything. That is why it is so important to me as part of my business.

I have been in sticky situations in business where I was overlooked, my work was not appreciated, I wasn’t heard or seen. I know how harmful that can be to a person. I know how important it is to have recognition for something you feel strongly about. That is why your VOICE is so important. That is why my definition of voice needed to shared.

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