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Risky Business

During these trying times we are all facing, it almost seems selfish to share what F.E.M is offering. I want to be open to the pandemic, but I also want to push people to want to create. How can I offer that to people when morale is so low with the human race? How can I tell creators I want to lift them up through this trying time and share their voice, their work and what they are contributing to the world?

It seems like risky business to promote your business at this time with so many losing their jobs and money being a hot topic through the COVID-19 pandemic. It seems insensitive; almost. But the answer is simple, you just do it! Give people the opportunity to know you and what your company offers and let them decide if you are ruthless or encouraging, and hope for the latter!

Just follow through with an open heart and an open mind that not everyone is okay and even if you offer something amazing, others might not be on board right now. Just encourage the best you can and stay as positive as you can. I create, so I want others to create. There are so many wonderful voices out there that need to be shared, why would I ever stop trying to do that?

Stay healthy and safe and know that my services are still available through this crisis.

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