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Growing Organically

Photo by Connor Danylenko from Pexels

It may not be “business-norm” to attempt letting your business grow organically, but with my goals and budget it’s the best way to do it. I work a full-time job, with two small kids, a wife and a household (among the million other things going on), and I have personal and professional goals that I refuse to give up on.

With limited time and budget, I’ve decided to let F.E.M grow organically. I’ve started a few social media accounts and here I am blogging on a website that I hope to purchase the domain for at some point, but I haven’t really added anyone to those sites, I am letting everyone come to me. I am marketing on a budget and using what I’ve done in my author life to piggyback on.

I am utilizing my free 30-day trials, my free apps, and what I’m already doing to market myself as an author. After the holidays I will most likely start adding money to those endeavors, but till then I have plenty to do. I have contracts to create, a business plan to tweak, books to write and edit and relationships to build. I have resources to find for potentials partners and books to read so I don’t make too many mistakes.

Growing organically can be harrowing, but it is working so far and I like that. It is letting me get my footing on this imprint and what I want to offer and how I want to offer it. I want to have an imprint that gives my partners full access to their journey, but also, helps my business grow. I know the paradigm for this is out there, and I will figure out how it works for F.E.M. and that is also another benefit of growing slowly and organically.

F.E.M will get there and if nothing else I will back my own work, what I do know is I won’t give up!

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