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Why a Feminist Imprint?

When I think of what I went through with my past publishing experiences, I wondered why I wasn’t more important. I wondered why my ideas and voice didn’t matter beyond the original idea or after the threats. It was a huge struggle that has really caused a direct effect on my abilities as a writer.

As if being a writer, creator or artist isn’t hard enough. We already have self-doubt lurking (at least some times), having someone not listen to you or care about your work like you do can be discerning. That’s why I chose to start this imprint.

My goal is to be the person right next to you encouraging your voice and work. I want the creator to feel like their ideas and voice matter before payments and after publication. The spectrum is broad and to feel important through the entire process is important. I know first hand, how important that is.

Feminism to me is accepting and encouraging voices on an equal level. Yes, what I am doing is important, but what you are doing is important too. This imprint is open to everyone who wants that camaraderie on an equal playing field.

Feminism is flexibility, we are human and change our minds, our thoughts, what we want or like. All of those things are subjective, and FEM is subjective too. I will encourage and help you make up your mind to feel comfortable with your choices. I will be the support system you need to feel empowered and important throughout your experiences.

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