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The Beginning

I decided during my master-degree studies to pursue a digital internship to gain experience in publishing and writing. At this point, I had pursued journalism and journalistic-style writing. My program was in Creative Writing and English. I found an independent publishing house and I reached out. I got the internship.

I started helping with marketing for an author and did a few projects on the side. I had an almost completed (rough draft) manuscript from my program and decided to submit it to this publishing house.

They accepted it! I was elated. I cried. I was so happy to start this journey and was surprised how easy it was. Little did I know this was the start of a very confusing and devastating time in my publishing career.

It started out as missed deadlines on their part, no communication, editor after editor, and an all together tough time. I stuck it out. My book needed to be published. Finally it was available, after almost a year of not getting it out when I was told it would be published. I was happy for a time.

Then the non-communication started over. The website was taken down multiple times. I started stalking anyone I could that was related to this publishing house just to get an answer. Nothing. Then I would get a hold of someone and be appeased for a while. Then the cycle started.

I was fed up. I threatened and fought and finally was given the rights back to my book and was able to publish under my own imprint. Hence, F.E.M. I wanted to feel like my voice mattered, like my words were important. That is why I created this imprint to help those like me to get published. I want to help people who have a voice feel important. I want writers to have 100% access to their writing, stats, money and me!

This imprint in a work in progress but I have control now and that feels great. Do you have a horror story from publishing?

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